How to catch a cheating partner

Here’s how to catch a cheater.

Doubts about your partner’s fidelity can leave you feeling helpless to confront them directly. You might be forced to search for the truth on your own.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to physically stalk your partner to find out if they are cheating. Here are some tech-savvy methods to catch a cheating partner:

1. Watch their phone behaviour

Pay attention to their phone habits. Do they guard it closely, take it everywhere, or keep it hidden? Are they overly cautious about notifications? These could be red flags. Satisfy your curiosity by going through their phone.

2. Use Touch ID

If they are secretive with their passwords, then you can access their phone by adding your fingerprint to their Touch ID. This discreet manoeuvre may offer insights into their activities.

4. Review location history

Check their Google location history or app usage like Uber, Bolt, or Indrive to track their movements and identify any inconsistencies. Do they keep going to a particular location while they tell you they are somewhere else?

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5. Investigate Messaging Apps

Investigate messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram for suspicious conversations. Pay special attention to Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, keep an eye on her period app to see the dates she’s having sex. An interesting place people don’t pay attention to is their email, especially their personal email.

6. Check out their financial records

Who are they spending money on? Either through their debit alerts or email notifications Are you seeing hotel and restaurant bills that both of you didn’t go to? Review joint bank statements for unfamiliar transactions, their secret expenses might show infidelity.

7. Check Google Chrome passwords

Come up with an excuse to use their laptop, gain access to their computer, and navigate to Google Chrome settings. Here, you’ll see all saved passwords, providing valuable clues about their online activities.

8. Create a fake online profile

Create a fake online profile and flirt heavily with them by sending and posting sexual messages and pictures, and see how they respond.

Lastly, be very careful; you don’t want to get caught before you uncover the truth, as that could damage your relationship further.

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