How to apply for NIMC multipurpose ID card

The National ID card, which is multifunctional, can be used for identity verification, payments, and even government services.

The Federal Government has announced the introduction of a new innovative national identity card in conjunction with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The NIMC said the new ID, which is designed to cater to both banked and unbanked individuals, will have digital features which include date of birth, nationality, address, height, gender and so on, via the smart chip.

The card will also have the EMV payment feature (contact and contactless) and NQR payment feature via the smart chip.

The National ID card which is multifunctional, can be used for identity verification, payments, and even government services.

How to apply for NIMC’s multipurpose ID card

The NIMC has outlined five processes an interested citizen can obtain the card;

First, you have to request the payment card at the nearest bank or bank-approved centre.Then you provide your NIN for identity verification and proof of minimum age of 18 years.The bank receives a confirmation by sending the NIN to NIMC. The relevant authorised identity data is sent in the specified format.The bank uses the verified identity data to securely prepare the standard EMV data for the card before personalising and printing are done by a partner bureau.The bank then issues the finished card to you, and you now become a cardholder.

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Does the NIMC ID card expire?

The NIMC further explained that the new card (ID part) will not have an expiry date as it will only be given an issue date which will be printed behind the card.

The payment feature “ATM card” which is part of the card comes with the standard expiry date which is printed on the front of the card.

On expiry, users have been advised to either visit the bank and request a new card or continue to use the card as a valid ID and not for payments.

Intending users have been warned not to give out details of the card or any photocopied or scanned copies bearing their sensitive payment details to unauthorised parties as fraudsters may use the opportunity to steal funds from unsuspecting victims’ accounts.

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