Goya Menor pens open letter to the Nigerian music industry

Nigerian artists continue to react to the sad passing of Mohbad.

Nigerian musician Goya Menor has penned an open letter to the Nigerian music industry following the painful death of Street Hop sensation Mohbad who passed away on September 12.

On September 19, 2023, Goya Menor took to his Instagram account to address an open letter to the Nigerian music industry.

In the letter, Goya Menor who achieved international success in 2020 after his single ‘Ameno Amapiano’ went viral on Tik Tok addressed what he described as a division of caucus, tribalism, and cultism in the music industry.

The Benin City-born singer claimed that except one belongs to any of the divisions, it’s difficult to get collaborations, and artists are also robbed of opportunities due to non-affiliation.

Goya Menor stated that he hopes Mohbad’s death puts an end to the menace ravaging the industry and that the late Street Hop sensation is immortalized in the book of history.


To whom it may concern,

With no joy on my face but still, I will start this letter with a smile 😊. A lot is really happening down here. While coming up as an upcoming, this wasn’t the industry I wanted to venture into. I wanted to venture into an industry full of love ❤️ and mutual respect for each other, little did I know that the reverse was the case. An industry divided by Caucus, Confraternity and Tribalism( which always leave me in a state of “Na so una Dey do for here”😳)

Let’s not talk about collaboration because it’s more easier to feature Kanye,Jayzy, Chris Brown etc than to feature your fellow Nigerian artist😀. When they need you, you can walk straight into the innermost chamber without any protocol but when you need them YOU GO EXPLAIN TIRE. Abi na show? When your name comes to the table, they can render your name useless in just 5 secs and when they see you in person they hug you and shout MY GUY. Let’s not deviate from the matter at hand because I will need an extra booklet for a proper letter

Mohbad, you cried out, but many were scared to talk to avoid being blacklisted or get disconnected from the Caucus. While those of us that doesn’t belong to the Caucus couldn’t do anything because our leg never strong for ground. You weren’t my G-G but I always admire you from afar because of your voice. I pray you get the desired justice at the end of the day, I pray your death put an end to this menace ravaging the industry so that at the end of the day you will be immortalized in the book of history. Rest on Hero ✌️❤️✌️


Mohbad’s passing has led to a massive outpour of concern by the general public after videos of the late singer being oppressed and bullied circulated on social media.

The Nigerian Police has commenced an investigation into the late musician’s death after his family members were invited for questioning.

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