Golden Diamond sanitary ware manufacturing in Nigeria


Golden Diamond Industrial Manufacturing Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of luxury ceramic sanitary ware, was founded in May 2019 and is headquartered in Lagos-Ibadan Express, Shagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The company leverages local resources to build the largest modern sanitary ware enterprise in the region. Equipped with the most advanced automatic production equipment for high-pressure forming, Golden Diamond produces 20,000 high-quality and affordable sanitary ware units per day, including the Milano-set, Bath-set, Athens-set, Berne-set, squatter, and other bathroom accessories like water heaters, massage bathtubs, mirror cabinets, steam rooms, faucets, and hand showers.

According to Golden Diamond’s mission, the company aims to improve Nigerians’ living standards by providing high-quality products at an affordable cost. To better serve its distributors and make the purchasing process more convenient, Golden Diamond has developed its business-to-business online application, ITANR. The ITAN platform allows distributors to place bulk orders, track order delivery, make payments, and access special promotional offers 24 hours a day.

Golden Diamond is revolutionising sanitary ware manufacturing in Nigeria

Adopting an innovative D2B2C (Distributor-to-Business-to-Consumer) business model, Golden Diamond can receive constant feedback on market demand from distributors, optimise production and supply chain accordingly, and deliver the products to end consumers on time without time constraints.

This direct yet efficient business approach has enabled Golden Diamond to strengthen partnerships with distributors, enhance customer experience, and boost sales performance.

Furthermore, Golden Diamond is dedicated to providing employment opportunities. Their manufacturing facilities and distribution networks create many job opportunities for local communities, contributing to economic growth and stability.

Golden Diamond believes that a thriving community relies on strong employment prospects and the empowerment of its people. In addition, Golden Diamond prioritises the growth and development of their employees.

Golden Diamond offers comprehensive training programs to enhance their skills and ensure their success within the organisation. Golden Diamond also believes in enriching the leisure lives of their employees by organising recreational activities, such as football matches, and talent shows to encourage a healthy work-life balance. They firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled workforce leads to enhanced productivity and success.

Golden Diamond is revolutionising sanitary ware manufacturing in Nigeria

Through its mission to enrich lives by producing high-quality and affordable sanitary ware products, Golden Diamond has experienced tremendous growth and success since its founding. By leveraging innovative technology and a forward-thinking D2B2C business model, Golden Diamond can maximise operational efficiency, deliver superior customer experience, and build lasting partnerships across its value chain.

At the same time, Golden Diamond remains committed to empowering local communities through job creation, employee development, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Moreover, Golden Diamond’s commitment to delivering exceptional products has garnered recognition from the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON). The organisation, responsible for setting and enforcing standards across various industries, has visited Golden Diamond to assess the quality and standards of their sanitary ware products.

The fact that SON has shown interest in Golden Diamond’s offerings speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to producing outstanding products. This endorsement reinforces the notion that Golden Diamond’s products are not only luxurious but also meet the highest quality standards.

By earning the trust and approval of such a reputable organisation, Golden Diamond solidifies its reputation as a provider of top-notch sanitary ware in Nigeria. As a proudly sanitary ware brand, Golden Diamond looks forward to supporting the nation’s development goals and improving millions of lives through providing innovative and premium-yet-affordable sanitary ware solutions.

Golden Diamond is revolutionising sanitary ware manufacturing in Nigeria

With world-class production facilities, a driven and compassionate workforce, and strong distributor relationships, Golden Diamond is poised to transform the sanitary ware segment in Nigeria and bring greater comfort as well as hygiene to all African homes in the coming decades.


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