From Air to Water: Macif is bringing a technology that provides sustainable clean drinking mineralised water from air to Nigeria


Nigeria’s clean water crisis means that a significant number of the population lack access to clean and drinkable water.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an alarming 63 million Nigerians, representing about one-third of the population, do not have access to clean drinking water.

Of the many Nigerians who have access to clean drinking water, a good number of them rely on plastic bottled or sachet water which contributes to plastic waste and Nigeria’s already worrying environmental challenges. This crisis, if not tackled, poses health risks, and may hamper socio-economic development.

Innovation is needed to support the attempt to arrest the water crisis. While reducing water pollution, water conservation, and desalination among others are great solutions, generating water from the air is also an innovative solution to the lingering challenge.

The atmospheric water generator (AWG) technology extracts water from the air and then through a filtration system, produces clean and drinkable water. With this technology, sustainable clean drinkable water is accessible to everyone.

Recently, Macif Projects and Distribution Limited partnered with Watergen, a global leader in atmospheric drinking water generating devices, as its exclusive distributor in Nigeria to bring this innovative solution for providing clean and sustainable water from the air to Nigerians.

Watergen’s solution lies in its ground-breaking patented heat exchange technology, which extracts water from the atmosphere. By condensing water vapour present in the air, this Innovative approach offers a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water sources.

Watergen’s devices eliminate the need for carbon-intensive supply chains and reduce plastic waste associated with bottled water. The plug-and-drink devices create access to clean drinking water right at the point of consumption, fostering sustainability and promoting responsible environmental practices.

Macif’s partnership with Watergen aims to provide easier access to safe, clean, and mineralized drinking water for all Nigerians by harnessing the content of the air.

The state-of-the-art water treatment system has unique filters, UV, and mineralization cartridges as part of its purification process to produce the highest quality safe and drinkable water, according to the EPA and NSF61 requirements for safe drinking water.

Watergen’s range of products available in Nigeria includes the GEN-L, GEM-M PRO, Gen M1, and GENNY machines which produce 6000, 900, 220, and 30 litres respectively per day.

The GEN-L is perfect for large communities and factories, while the Gen-M Pro would be appropriate for commercial, residential, and industrial uses such as schools, hotels, and hospitals. The GENNY, which requires a simple plug-in, is suitable for home and office use.

Macif’s introduction of Watergen to Nigeria has far-reaching advantages beyond access to clean drinking water. By reducing the reliance on bottled water, the partnership contributes to reducing plastic waste and minimizing Nigeria’s carbon footprint.

This shift toward a more sustainable water generation model not only improves the well-being of Nigerians but also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.

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