DJ Kaywise under fire for insensitive cryptic post

His post had the general public worried about his welfare.

Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki, fondly known as DJ Kaywise, is facing backlash for his cryptic post which had his fans and family frantic.

The popular music producer and disk jockey uploaded a worrisome post yesterday September 13, 2023, on Instagram which read, “I’ll end it all by 9 pm tonight, I did my best.” It was received with widespread panic and worry by social media users, considering the choice of words.

However, just hours after the cryptic post, DJ Kaywise uploaded another post which sent the public into a different sort of frenzy. In the new video, he debunked the reports that he was suicidal, stressing that the purpose of the video was to address false narratives about him from early in the year.

His caption read, “I hope this ends it all. The general public misinterpretation of my recent post as a sign of suicidal thoughts highlights the urgency of addressing these issues. It’s crucial for the public to disassociate my name from these misconceptions initially perpetuated by a malicious blog called Gistlover, and I am glad I can rectify the false impressions that have been spreading over the years. Love Kaywise.”

Since his latest post, the DJ has faced a series of backlash for the ill timing of his tell-all, calling it insensitive. Other social media users charged at him in the comment section accusing him of playing on the emotions of Nigerians mourning the loss of fast-rising singer Mohbad.

Even his twin brother Kehinde Ayorinde was displeased by his actions as he put out a statement on his own Instagram page, also accusing him of playing on the public’s emotions. He tore into Kaywise calling his actions stupid, selfish and hurtful, and apologised on his brother’s behalf.

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