Dakore Akande recounts struggles with postnatal depression

Postpartum depression is a real condition that affects many new mothers, yet it often goes unrecognised by society.

Nigerian actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande has shared her personal battle with postpartum depression and her journey towards recovery.

In an interview on the podcast series With Chude, Dakore, a multi-brand ambassador and award-winning actress, delved into her mental health struggles and the path she took to overcome them.

Reflecting on her seemingly perfect life and the challenges she faced after becoming a mother, the actress revealed, “I had some slight complications after the birth of my daughter. I was in a sad state, and I just slipped into postnatal depression. I didn’t even realise it when it started happening.”

It was a conversation with an older friend that helped Dakore identify the underlying cause of her mood swings.

Seeking professional help, she consulted her OB/GYN, who confirmed her postpartum depression symptoms.

The actress further shared her realisation that she had neglected her creativity, which had started to diminish over the course of four years away from work.

“I just had this consistent and persistent sadness – a lack of joy – almost like I would be struggling to reach the joy, then sometimes I would be very manic-like very happy, then very sad,” she revealed.

Recognising the importance of therapy, Dakore sought help from a therapist who guided her through the healing process. Her therapist emphasised the significance of engaging in activities she loved, reminding her that she had been an actor since childhood. This played a vital role in her recovery.

With the support of her therapist and a trusted friend, Dakore discovered that her depression stemmed from the significant life changes she had experienced.

Slowly but surely, she returned to acting and the entertainment industry, regaining control of her life and mental well-being.

Dakore Egbuson-Akande is a renowned Nigerian actress known for her roles in movies such as Isoken, Fifty, The Set Up, and Chief Daddy.

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