Cristiano Ronaldo shelters Morocco’s earthquake victims in his hotel

The Portuguese footballer has offered to shelter survivors of the devastating earthquake incident in Morocco at his hotel.

The world record goalscorer and Al-Nassr FC forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has reportedly thrown open his 174-room Pestana CR7 hotel for victims of the earthquake in Marrakech, Morocco, to take shelter.

Marrakesh, the fourth largest city in the North African nation, was hit by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake on the night of Friday, September 8, 2023, leaving at least 2,000 people dead and several wounded, according to multiple reports.

The quake struck 72 kilometres (45 miles) southwest of the tourist hub of Marrakesh, wiping out entire villages in the hills of the Atlas mountain range.

The devastating incident has left the once imperial city in turmoil as survivors, whose homes were shattered by the earthquake, now scramble for buildings to take shelter.

While several nations and a number of Marrakesh-based organisations and businesses have offered assistance in this regard, the former Real Madrid and Manchester United forward has now joined that list.

Cristiano Ronaldo shelters Morocco’s earthquake victims in his hotel. [X:@Muslim]

According to Spanish newspaper, Marca, Ronaldo’s luxury hotel, located in Marrakesh, is providing shelter to those who have lost their homes.

Graded at four stars, the Pestana CR7 Marrakesh is just below luxury and includes an outdoor pool, fitness centre, restaurant, and terrace, the paper reports.

A Spanish national, Irene Seixas, said: “The hotels are the same. We had to come to the new area of Marrakesh, where there are more luxury hotels, so to speak.

“Now we have managed to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel, which is on the outskirts, to give us a room. Pestana CR7, a 174-room hotel owned by Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, in Marrakesh, Morocco has become a refuge site for the survivors of earthquake in the country.

“We are waiting. We slept all night on the street and at seven in the morning they told us that yes, we could approach. We are in a lobby a lot of people of different nationalities, waiting to see if we can get a room, but we have all slept on the street.

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