CAN chairman shuns DHQ’s warning, insists soldiers are killing Plateau citizens

The military accused him of spreading falsehoods and cautions him to cease such actions immediately.

Reverend Timothy Daluk, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, has declared that he will not withdraw his allegations against the military regarding the recent crisis in the region.

The clergyman, who accused the Nigerian military of complicity in the killing of Christians and destruction of properties, was invited by the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) to substantiate his claims.

The military accused him of spreading falsehoods and cautions him to cease such actions immediately.

The invitation came in response to a viral video where Rev Daluk detailed the situation in Mangu, alleging that military personnel were involved in forcing Christians to leave, allowing militia to burn their homes.

He stated, “At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market, thereby leaving the Muslims to come and burn their houses.”

On Thursday, January 25, 2023, DHQ, through its Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, expressed the intention to meet with Reverend Daluk to discuss the specifics of his accusations.

Major General Buba acknowledged the emotional strain faced by individuals during traumatic experiences but assured that the military would adhere to professional standards.

In response, Rev Daluk, speaking to Punch, affirmed his unwillingness to withdraw the allegations. He stated, “We are not withdrawing our allegations. And I don’t see the reason to honour any invitation by the Defence Headquarters. They should be the ones to come down to Mangu and see for themselves. The evidence is there; graves are there.”

Furthermore, Rev Daluk recounted a disturbing incident, alleging, “Before my eyes, a soldier shot dead one of my people. I called others and reported them. They said the soldier was a fake troop. Whether fake or what, they (the soldiers) are the ones responsible for differentiating.”

Despite the tensions, Rev Daluk conveyed a commitment to maintaining law and order among his people once the situation calms.

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