Burna Boy performs in 2023 Champions League final

Nigerian megastar Burna Boy has made history as he performs in 2023 Champions League final.

Afrobeats is on a global ascension as Nigerian superstars are taking the music to a global audience while winning awards and selling out choice venues.

Grammy award-winner Burna Boy has recorded another giant feat after he became the first African artist to perform in a UEFA Champions League Final at the 2023 European Club footaball final in Istanbul.

Burna Boy thrilled a stadium packed filled with 80,000 fans who turned up to watch the final between Manchester City and Internationale Milan.

Since gaining international success in 2018 through his hit single ‘YE,’ Burna Boy has become one of the biggest artists in the world. He has earned a Grammy award for his album ‘Twice As Tall’ while becoming one of the most awarded artists on the continent.

Burna Boy has sold out choice arenas around the world as his music continues to attract international listeners.

American DJ, artist, and Producer Marshmallow performed at the 2021 Champions League final in Portugal while Cuban Pop star Camila Cabello performed at the 2022 edition in Paris.

The 2023 final was held in Istanbul Turkey and Burna Boy thrilled fans to a collection of his hit songs as he continues to lead the international charge of Afrobeats.

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