Body of missing 3-year-old girl found in Asokore Mampong, tongue missing

The body of a missing three-year-old girl was tragically discovered in Asokore Mampong, Ashanti Region, with her tongue missing, sparking shock and anguish throughout the community.

The grim find occurred after three days of frantic searching when children playing football stumbled upon the lifeless body in a building undergoing renovation at Dagombaline.

The victim, Taslima Labaran, had been missing since Thursday despite exhaustive efforts by her mother, Rukaya Muntari, who tearfully recounted their last moments together.

The distressing discovery has prompted an investigation by police officers, who, with the help of community members, transported the body to the morgue. The incident has left residents reeling, gathering at the scene to witness the heartbreaking outcome of the search effort.

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