Ayra Starr releases track list for second album ‘The Year I Turn 21’

Ayra Starr has shared the track list for her highly anticipated sophomore album ‘The Year I Turn 21’.

Nigerian music star Ayra Starr is set to release her second album ‘The Year I Turn 21’ in May 2024 and expectations are high as listeners expect the award-winning sensation to top her successful debut album.

The track list of Ayra Starr’s second reveals guest appearances from Asake, Seyi Vibez, Giveon, Coco Jones, Aniita, and her younger brother Milar.

The 14-track album is expected to be another massive step in Ayra Starr’s career which has been on an ascension since she broke into the mainstream in 2019 with her self-titled EP.

Here are five takeaways from the track list of Ayra Starr’s sophomore album ‘The Year I Turn 21’.

1. Ayra Starr loves naming her album after her age

Like British multi-Grammy-winning singer Adele, Ayra Starr favours including her age in her album title.

When she released her debut album as a 19-year-old in 2021, Ayra Starr called it ’19 & Dangerous‘ and for her sophomore album she decided to again mark it with her age by calling it ‘The Year I Turned 21’.

In an interview earlier this year, Ayra Starr stated that even though her sophomore album is shaped by her experiences as a 21-year-old, she made it in a way that it’s relatable to listeners of across different ages.

2. Ayra Starr will showcase her versatility

With guest appearances such as Seyi Vibez, Asake, Coco Jones, and Giveon whose style cuts across RnB and Afrobeats, listeners can expect Ayra Starr to explore diverse genres that will further showcase her versatility.

3. Potential hit song

In a recent interview, Ayra Starr boasted that she and Asake have a summer hit on the way. The collaboration between the duo is a highly anticipated one that’s a strong contender to be the leading hit record on the project.

4. Something for the Girlies

Ayra Starr is one of the stars proudly waving the flag of the female arm of African music and in her sophomore album, she seems to have crafted an anthem for women in ‘Woman Commando’ featuring Coco Jones and Aniita.

5. A strong RnB presence

Ayra Starr is a fantastic singer and her ability shone in her debut album where she delivered smooth RnB records. The tracklist of her sophomore album suggests there might be a strong RnB presence, especially with songs like ‘Lagos Love Story’, ‘Rhythm & Blues’, ’21’, and ‘Last Heartbreak Song featuring’ Giveon.

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