Atiku’s petition hearing progresses with incomplete INEC documents

PDP lawyer criticises INEC for inadequate document release during hearing challenging Tinubu’s victory

In the ongoing hearing of Atiku Abubakar’s petition at the election tribunal court, progress has been made with the testimony of 10 witnesses and the submission of numerous documents.

The petition aims to challenge the victory of Tinubu in the recent elections. However, during the hearing’s resumption on Tuesday, June 06, 2023, the PDP’s lawyer, Eyitemi Jegede, raised concerns about INEC’s failure to fully release the required documents.

Jegede pointed out that INEC had only provided partial results for 10 out of the 21 states requested from the Electoral Commission. This insufficiency of documents prompted the PDP lawyer to request an adjournment from the court.

The purpose of the adjournment is to allow time for the sorting and scheduling of the remaining documents. Jegede stated, “We have received some documents, but we have not yet received others. We have initiated the necessary processes to compare them and produce these documents. Once we have them, we can proceed. However, we are satisfied with the pace at which the proceedings are going, and we have made full payment.”

The crucial documents in question are the INEC forms specifically used in the election. These documents hold significant importance for the PDP and other parties involved in the petition. Additional documents related to the parties’ petitions have also been requested.

The hearing of Atiku Abubakar’s petition at the election tribunal court continues, but the current setback caused by the insufficient documents has led the PDP’s lawyer to seek an adjournment.

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