A Pulse review of Joeboy’s ‘Body, Spirit, and Soul’

After releasing a sensational album where Afrobeats markers underscored his exploration of Pop and R&B, Joeboy returns with an EP that serves as dessert to his fans.

While a deluxe would have been the expected move by Joeboy, the smooth singing star perhaps took stock of current consumer behaviour, and rightly concluded that adding 5 new tracks to the existing 14-track album won’t do justice to his latest offerings.

He opts to boost his catalogue with a new 5-track EP ‘Body, Spirit, and Soul’ which offers an up-close view into his relationship personal and romantic.

While he offered his body and spirit in romantic pursuit in his sophomore album, in the follow-up, he offers insights into his personal worries while maintaining the same willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve.

“I don’t like to pretend. What you see is what you get,” he says in the opener ‘Only God Can Save Me’ where he makes supplications to a higher power to get him through a hard time.

The same honesty with which he uses to write heartfelt love numbers is deployed in addressing friends who are only there for the good time. While the music evolves to embrace current mainstream sonic appeal, his music carries the unmistakable essence that distinguishes him.

The cheerful YOLO record ’24/7′ is an exciting Pop record single from the same fabric as his mega smash hit ‘Alcohol’. ‘Telephone’ where he seeks out his love interest is reminiscent of some of his exciting offerings.

He flexes his vocals and his ability to domesticate R&B with street-familiar language in ‘Enemy’ and ‘Surviving’ on tracks that carry a similar appeal as his brilliant record ‘Contour’.

Joeboy is a man who loves to explore the full spectrum of his emotions. Whether it be his troubles, being a hopeless romantic, or addressing the difficulty of finding love. He loves to give a part of himself to listeners and in this EP, he opens up his spirit in expression of his varying emotions.

‘Body, Spirit, and Soul’ is quintessentially Joeboy. Easy to digest and stunningly beautiful. At a time when most Nigerian consumers are spent and can’t be bothered with long-form projects, this EP is a suitable offering from an artist who keeps giving his best.

Ratings: /10

• 0-1.9: Flop

• 2.0-3.9: Near fall

• 4.0-5.9: Average

• 6.0-7.9: Victory

• 8.0-10: Champion

Pulse Rating: /10

Album Sequencing: 1.6/2

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.6/2

Production: 1.6/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2

Execution: 1.6/2

TOTAL – 8 – Victory

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